I'm a Contributing Editor for PC Magazine and regularly write the SMB Boot Camp Solutions column (in fact, I'm the only SMB Boot Camp solutions columnist in the history of PC Magazine). SMB Boot Camp explains a technology topic, provides a case study to demonstrate the business value of that topic, and then provides a series of tips for how you can do it, too.

I draw upon my many years of experience as a small business technology consultant to provide real world advice to readers. I like to consider myself more than just a technology writer. Nothing irks me more than writers who provide advice about things they've never done. All of the advice I provide is very real and based on actual technology implementations. I'm not a technology armchair quarterback. I spend quite a bit of time with my sleeves rolled up and in the trenches.

Sometimes I'm afraid I take the Boot Camp theme too seriously

Sometimes I think I take this Boot Camp theme far too seriously.


Virtual Offices

08.29.07 Renting temporary office space can make a good impression and be cost effective.

Virtual Phone Systems for Better Customer Service

08.15.07 Hosted PBX systems inexpensively provide small business with big business phone system capabilities. Smallcellars.com case study.

Web Content Filtering

08.01.07 Monitor employees web usage habits and prevent them from downloading malware. ConEdison Solutions virtually eliminated spyware infections with SurfControl Web Filter for Microsoft ISA Server.

Security Success Story

07.11.07 Use centrally managed anti-malware to protect servers and workstations. Fletchar Far Ayotte upgraded from the patchwork protection of Symantec, McAfee, and Spyware Doctor to Trend Micro Small Business.

A Solution To Boost Productivity

06.26.07. Going wireless helped one small town salvage a stinker of a project. The Forest Hills Municipal Department install secure 802.11g wireless network solution from Linksys.

Boost Connectivity with Broadband VoIP

06.20.07 Connect remote workers and save money using an IP PBX. Tower Travel Management runs an Avaya IP Office 412 and saves almost $12,000 a month.

Brewing Up Remote Access

05.16.07 Remote access and e-mail services increase mobile employee productivity. Brooklyn Brewery dropped Novell NetWare, GroupWise, and pc Anywhere in favor of Microsoft Small Business Server and Citrix Presentation Server.

Network to Boost Your Business

05.02.07 The right server hardware can help you make the move to centralized applications and data. Sew What? Inc runs a Dell PowerEdge 500 loaded with critical business applications.

Low-Rent Apps

04.18.07 The software as a service (SaaS) or the artist formerly known as application service provider (ASP) market offers attractive features for small businesses such as aggressive pricing and automatic offsite backups. The Hartford Courant relies on Intuit QuickBase for handling classified content.

Spam-Free Marketing

04.04.08 E-mail marketing can be a valuable tool if used properly (as in not spam). TechSmith increased customer retention with a carefully planned and orchestrated e-mail marketing campaign.

Frugal CRM

03.06.07 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can help increase sales and customer retention. Superior Industries migrated from Salesforce.com to an on-site implementation of SugarCRM and saved $20,000 plus in the first year alone.

Success With Search Engines

02.14.07 The web is a big place and no one will buy your products or services if they can't find you. Learn how Las Vegas's Hands On Massage was able to skyrocket revenue with carefully placed ads on CitySearch.

Wicked Productive Wikis

01.31.07 Any small business can organize a remote workforce and keep them on the same page with a collaborative wiki. Evolved Media Networks does just that.

You do not want to send me an inferior product

This guy stuck to his talking points while trying to convince me he had a great product.

Painless Podcasting

01.10.07 Is podcasting something like fishing for aliens? Nope, it's a way to launch your own content on demand service over the web. Professional Rockstars uses FeedBurner.com to create and distribute podcasts on a large scale.

Your Disaster Recovery Plan

12.20.06 Building a business continuity plan in case of disaster is vital to the survival of your company.

Recycling E-waste

11.29.06 Your company can do more to cut down on harmful toxins.

Mobilize Your Business

11.15.06 The right handheld device can boost productivity for you and your mobile workforce.

Take Your Network Anywhere

11.01.06 A secure VPN is the best way to access your network files when you're out of the office.

Grow Your Employees' Nest Eggs

10.11.06 Offering the best 401(k) plan means doing your homework first.

Your Web Store's Grand Opening

09.27.06 A hosted online storefront solution can launch your e-commerce showroom

VoIP Sends the Message

09.13.06 If you're opening a new office or looking to switch out your phone system, and IP PBX could save you money.

Fine-Tune Your Finances

08.30.06 It's time to get your company's financial house in order. Here are the basics you need to know when buying accounting software.

Playing by the Rules

08.16.06 The recent slew of federal regulations can be daunting, but staying in compliance can save you time and money in the long run.

Win the War on Spam

08.02.06 You're outnumbered and surrounded, but the fight's not over yet. Here's how to battle the spam armada.

E-mail: DIY or Outsource?

07.12.06 Running your e-mail in-house or using a hosted solution depends on your needs and budget. Either way, make sure it's secure.

Safety in Layers

06.21.06 A successful antivirus strategy is one that stacks security.

Your Company, Sans Wires

05.31.06 If your company is not yet wireless, you're missing out on a major productivity boost.

Get Networked Now

05.17.06 Share your office's resources to maximze productivity.

Your Backup Battle Plan

05.03.06 Establish an effective data backup plan so you don't have to make a last staqnd.

Your Site's Stats

04.19.06 Understanding your web traffic provides insight into customers' research and purchasing habits.

Build a Beachhead on the Web

04.05.06 A very basic course on building your Web presence.

Life Without Exchange

03.15.06 When it comes to working collaboratively, Microsoft Exchange isn't the only game in town.

Hack Thyself

03.01.06 Theft of proprietary information. Denial-of-service attacks. Spyware. Viruses. These are the foes you battle daily in the war to keep your business's network secure. To win you have to know your weak points.

Business Body Armor

02.15.06 All sorts of enemy combatants want to penetrate your network, but you can turn attacks aside with the right combo of hardware and tactics.

Business Broadband

02.01.06 Confused by all the high-speed Internet services vying for your business? Here's what you need to know.

Sometimes I even call myself Master Chief

I think of myself as a technology master chief, keeping the world safe one Covenant soldier at a time.

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